The 21st century has brought forth the concept of Globalization, which reverberates in every nook and corner of the world, leaving none to remain immune to its inexorable forces. The blowing winds of change are unleashing multitudes of new challenges. VSPS- Civil Lines is fully aware of these challenges and have geared up to align to international standards by adopting the latest pedagogy, teaching aids and methodology. We aim at an agile pursuit of perfect in academics, extra-curricular activities, game and sports by providing intellectual nourishment, stimuli, opportunities and material support for an all-round development of a child. We also aim to provide liberal and conducive academic environment and to ensure all our students value the time they spend at VSPS. Our obligation to students goes beyond education. The school also provides ample opportunities to students to participate in various educative competitions such as debate, elocution, extempore, science, maths and G.K. quizzes and many more. Such activities not only support class teaching but also enhance knowledge. We strive to build them as confident and independent individual to transform them into responsible citizens of India.